My name is Maria Hewitt.

I am THRILLED you are here~because we are a lot alike; you and me.  We are both trying to make a life out of living with intention!  


I started down this financial path of learning about money and how it works.  SOMETHING IN OUR FINANCIAL LIVES HAD TO CHANGE.  As a wife, and mother of three we needed to get a plan to get debt out of our life and build a strong financial foundation for our future!  Our family had job uncertainty, two of our three sons headed to college, frustration of not knowing and the lack of control of where our paycheck was going!!




I'm not going to LIE it was culture shock, the strategies went against everything I knew about money!!!   It wasn't easy, BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!  

This decision led me to teaching 8 years of personal finance classes and pursuing my board certification in Financial Life Coaching, and Financial Coaching Masters Training.   I have helped over 140 families get out of debt and build wealth.  With my B.S. in Marketing, and 12 years of working in business, I have decided to launch a platform and share what I know about money management to help others get FINANCIALLY FREE!!


            The strategies I use to coach people are PROVEN and EFFECTIVE to help people become self-sufficient in their personal finances.  With my husband and three sons, we are living our DREAM of debt freedom and are at peace with our financial future.  This is POSSIBLE for you too!!